South Africa Fellowship Program offered by Harvard

Check out the Harvard South Africa Fellowship Program for South Africans who were educationally disadvantaged under apartheid. Harvard funds these fellowships from its own resources. Over the years more than one hundred and forty fellowships have been awarded to South Africans. See South Africa Fellowship Program.


Regus South Africa offers free two month trial of Business Centre

I use their Business World lounges a lot - free wi-fi, unlimited coffee and other beverages. What more can one ask? There are, I think, six of them in Johannesburg. The Parktown office has futuristic think-pods for semi-private hot-desking. Regus South Africa is offering a two-month free trial for anyone who may be interested.

Strawbale Housing

Straw is a waste material that can be used for building houses. Bales of straw are treated and arranged to form walls. Straw bales can be a highly efficient building material. Brief Applause: Straw Bale House Here is a tweet about a video on strawbale construction: “ healthy living * Houses of straw – the rediscovery of…

Joburg Metro Woes

I have just returned from a miserable experience at the Joburg Municipal offices in Sandton. I had planned to lodge queries on excessive utility charges on two of my properties. My spirits lifted when I found that the queue wasn't very long and everyone in the queue had a chair. We played muscial chirs for…

A luta continua: What should the ‘struggle’ really be about?

Nic Dawes gave a remarkable keynote address at the opening of the M&G Literary Festival on 3 September 2010 on the highly current issue of unfettered free speech vs. a media tribunal + potentially draconian legislation. His carefully presented, logically argued and brilliantly elucidated argument evoked in me pleasurable feelings of intellectual stimulation. As a…