Steve Ballmer presenting the first version of Windows – 30 years ago!

Steve Ballmer is retiring from Microsoft, but not before leaving us with many entertaining moments over the years. Here's a look back at one promotional video from almost 30 years ago.


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Business and Success Insights; interviewed by J.T. Foxx

Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger talking about about how he was a millionaire real estate investor and businessman before his movie career took off, with a special mention on how Nelson Mandela touched him at a personal level.

How to Make Risk Your Friend

Any profile of Warren Buffet shows that he is patient, rational, a gatherer of information, not swayed by what the rest of the market thinks, and psychologically at ease with who he is. Deepak Chopra says this is why he is an iconic investor and so successful in what he does. Psychologists have shown that it…

How to Get a LinkedIn Button

In order to promote your profile, LinkedIn provides View My Profile buttons containing LinkedIn graphics that you can add to your email signature, online resume, your blog, or website. Here's how to get a LinkedIn button and add it to your email signature or online.Check out How to Get a LinkedIn Button.

Tim Cook: Why I Fired Scott Forstall

In an interview where he explained why he fired Scott Forstall (who created iOS, the mobile software that runs iPads and iPhones)  Apple chief Tim Cook appears to be stating that cohesion within his top management team is what he values most, apparently above brilliance and innovation. Let us  consider that for a moment: My…