North Korea is the belligerent guy who lives down the block, nursing a grudge against my end of the street. His neighbors felt a little bit the same way due to the circumstances that led to the grudge, so they didn’t mind too much when he started strutting around in his yard yelling about what dangerous vicious assholes we were and about how it wasn’t over. We figured it was and ignored him.

Some time ago he started carrying a handgun around while strutting and yelling, but he never actually shot it off so his neighbors kept tolerating him. He began berating them for not taking his side more visibly but kept focusing most of his vitriol on us. We kept ignoring him because his gun didn’t have enough range to hit any of us.

Recently he started waving around a fully automatic rifle, popping off the occasional round while ranting, though still only in his yard and into the street while there was no traffic. He’s still no direct threat to me, but his neighbors are more uneasy about that rifle. His closest neighbor who withdrew some of his support in an effort to get him to lighten up with the rifle pissed him off even more and now has him even more isolated from his neighbors’ support. That’s because the neighbor does business with most of the folks on my end of the block and the guy with the rifle could possibly hit one of us of the wind was just right.

Looks like sooner or later he’s going to lose it and empty that clip, and he may nor be all that picky about in which direction. My end of the block might take one or two rounds, but his nearer neighbors will tackle him down before I can react, really.

He’s not going to calm down, ever, and it’s not going to end well for him.

Answer by Mark Fergerson

Is North Korea actually a threat to the world? If so, why?

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