Here’s a story: Some bullies used to walk up to a poor kid every day and make him an offer.

They would hold out a dime and a nickel, and ask the kid which one he’d prefer. The kid would always take the nickel, and assuming he took it because it was larger than the dime, the bullies would mock him and laugh about it. This happened day after day, month after month. Only a fool would continue taking the larger, but less valuable coin.

One day, a fellow student went up to the poor kid and said, “You know, Harold, the smaller coin is worth twice as much. Those bullies keep playing the trick on you because you keep taking the larger coin. They’re making a mockery of you, and they think you’re dumb.”

To which the poor kid replied, “But if I take the dime, they’ll stop giving me free nickels.”

Now, to get to your question. If someone wants to give me free money because I’m ugly, I’ll take it every day of the week. The joke’s on them.

Answer by Eli Balsam

If someone gave you $20 because “you’re ugly,” would you take the money?

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