I have autism myself, classic autism. And I’ve always find it a it a bit strange when other people with autism say “I have a mild form of autism’. Or if people tell me: “Oh, you probably have a mild form of autism”. If my autism was ‘mild’, or hardly noticeable I would never have been diagnosed in the first place.

People look at me and they see a person who can communicate quite fine, and that I’m very polite etc. But what they don’t see is that those few minutes of social interaction with them can totally wipe me out and drain all my energy. And what they also don’t know is that when I was little I didn’t understand language at all and that I learned how to communicate by first literally ‘copying’ people.

I have the feeling that everybody who has autism is struggling to some degree otherwise why go through some annoying process to have yourself tested?

I don’t have ‘mild’ autism. My autism deeply effects my functioning even though it doesn’t look that way to outsiders.

I do believe there are different degrees of problems a person with autism can have. There are many kids with autism who have constant meltdowns and tantrums for example. While others have the ability to stay calm. And they may be less effected by the disturbances of painful sounds for example coming from outside.

I always look calm to the ‘outside’ world. But on the inside I’m often not calm at all. When a loud firetruck or ambulance comes by with a very loud and painful sirene I just want to scream and get angry because it hurts my ears so much and it’s so agonizing. But I don’t scream, I control myself. I do cover my ears though. So people think:”Oh, it doesn’t trouble him that much”. Well, they honestly have no idea what goes on inside of me.

I do think that all forms of autism are serious to some degree to answer your question. They all have a certain effect on somebody’s life. I don’t see myself as having a ‘mental disorder’ though. My brain is wired in a different way, and that gives me troubles with the processing of information for example. But it also gives me certain skills, Like my pencil drawings for example, the ability to look at the world in a very detailed way.

Answer by Remrov Casey Vormer

Do you believe all forms of autism are serious conditions?

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