Will airplane windows ever become more than just a small little circle?

Actually, the passenger windows in commercial airliners used to be much bigger. Here is the interior of a Ford Trimotor from the late 1920s: The Douglas DC-3 of the late 1930s also had relatively large passenger windows: By the late 1940s, larger piston-engined propeller-driven airliners had pressurized cabins, which allowed them to fly at higher…


What goes on in an autistic person’s mind?

Extra synapses The first thing to consider is that people with autism have a surplus of synapses in the brain. Normally during the early development your brain will go through a “pruning process”, where the excess of synapses are removed to essentially streamline the neurological network. In people with autism this pruning process is diminished,…

Everybody works hard, so why doesn’t everybody become billionaires?

Everybody works hard, so why doesn’t everybody become billionaires?Answer by Ali AlShamsi:Simple statistical difference.The ordinary hard worker:Serves ONE client.Has ONE source of income.A billionaire or millionaire for all that matter:Serves MANY clients.Has MANY sources of income.Compounds his/her wealth.Uses revenue multipliers.Everybody works hard, so why doesn’t everybody become billionaires?