Seriously, people shouldn’t throw words like “colonizing” around. It’s actually rather disrespectful to people who have lived under real colonization, and it also paints a false picture of the former colonizers in an extremely unhealthy way.

Allow me to show you what real colonization looked like.

This was British India, a relatively gentle form of colonization. Rather nice for the colonizers.

And here are half-naked Indian laborers drying Opium cakes for export.

But when famine struck, obviously the colonizers were more important than the colonized.

This was one of the relatively “nice” colonies. The not so nice ones are like, for example, King Leopold’s Congo.

And this is what happened when the boys failed to collect enough rubber to meet the quota.

This is what colonization looked like. This was why millions and millions of people fought and died to get out of it.

What is China doing in Africa? Well, let me give you an example. China and Ethiopia have a railroad deal. The deal is that China will build the railroad, operate the railroad for 6 years after it’s done, train the Ethiopians on railroad management during this time, and the whole ownership and management of the railroad will pass to the Ethiopian government after 6 years.

The railroad is finished.

And China has commenced the training of the Ethiopians to operate the railroad on their own.

Both countries want to do this project together because both will benefit from it, and both countries are fulfilling their part of the deal in a highly professional manner. With dignity and equality. This is what Trade and Collaboration looks like. By throwing word like “colonization” over it, you unfortunately belittle the real meaning of colonization.

The history of colonization, real colonization, deserve to be respected as it is. Let’s not sugar-coat it. Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.

Answer by Robin Daverman

Is China colonizing Asia and Africa?

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