Who are some famous people whose careers got ruined because they are jerks?

Answer by Corri Minadeo:

I’ll mention this one because it was one of the most ridiculous things to say but also because the memes that followed it were probably the best memes of the past five years.

Natalia Kills

She and her arrogant POS husband (Willy Moon) were newer celebrities from overseas (she’s from the UK and he’s from New Zealand) that had just started budding some fame. Natalia is probably best known for her song “Problem” which managed to go international. Her husband, I literally know nothing about. Obviously, he was the least famous of the couple who weren’t even that famous from the start. Yet, they managed to be selected as judges on New Zealand’s X-Factor.

A young, singing contestant by the name of Joe Irvine. Joe decided to dress in a a modern 50’s black suit with a skinny tie and side parted hair. Why does this matter, you ask? Well, after his performance, another judge was congratulating his performance and then Natalia chooses to speak. She lashes into him saying that he was copying her husband (next to her) for copying his style in every way. She called him a laughing stock and many other things. Willy (the husband) compared him to Norman Bates.

They were sacked overnight after a petition with over 70,000 votes within 24 hours arrose and severe social backlash (and hilarious memes) flooded the internet. In fact, they left New Zealand soon after (I think the day after) and fled to the United States for a while. Natalia was dropped from her record label Cherrytree Records but is persumably still with Interscope Records. She supposedly formed a new band with her husband and worked with Rihanna but have you heard of them? Have you heard of her?

She squandered any potential of great success by being an arrogant piece of shit along with her husband. Watch the video. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Skip to 0:25 if you want to get right to her.


Who are some famous people whose careers got ruined because they are jerks?

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