No, it is in many ways superior. The de-localization of processing above all sensory data is one of the things that account for the very high incidence of high intelligence among autistic individuals and might explain why we are over represented in the arts and scientific fields.

The main problem with understanding this is based on the fact that most previous research on autistic neurology has been made from a pathology perspective and this and this has led researchers to couch autistic neurodivergence in negative, abnormal terms. Autistic functioning does not come at a higher “cost” compared to neurotypical, it works differently and achieves different results. There is currently new, more unbiased research going on that may eventually shatter the pathology discourse about neurodivergence and establish that this is not an inferior abnormality, but a natural part of the human species’ neurological spectrum, and a necessary and vital part of our ongoing genetic success.

Answer by Martin Lysen

Does autistic functioning take more energy, or is the same energy distributed over a larger network?

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