Some 20 years ago, I was working as Level 2 support for a small ERP software vendor:

“Now you have to press F5”


“F5, please press F5 on your keyboard”

“F5? What’s F5?”

“If you look at the top row of your keyboard, where the function keys are, one is labeled F5”

“I don’t have that”

“If you look closely at your keyboard, there’s 6 rows of keys, the top row has key labeled F1, F2, F3…”

“I don’t have that”

“Ok, look at the top left corner of the keyboard, can you see a key with ESC printed on it?”

“Ehmmm….. Yes…”

“Ok, next to it, there’s a key with F1 printed on it, can you see it?”


“Ok, next to F1, you should have F2”

“Yes I have it…”

“Then you should have F3… F4…”

“Ohhhh…. F5… F5 you said? Do I have to press F5?”


Answer by Max Favilli

What was the most amusing conversation that you ever heard?

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