I was a guy from a low-income family background. My father was a drunkard, who spent all his hard earned money in liquor shops, and my poor mother did everything she could to make me a degree holder. I was a studious person and university topper in my under graduation. Irrespective of my family situation, my mother was determined that I should get a master’s degree from a reputed college \ university.

With a topper tag under my belt from under graduation, I got lucky and bagged a merit seat in a reputed government aided university to do Master’s degree in Computer Application. I was forced to join university hostel to take up my course as my hometown is 440 miles away from the university and I had no friends or relatives in the city to stay with and study where the University was located.

My mom sold all her jewellery including her mangal sutra (a golden chain worn by a married woman symbolizing that she is married) and paid my hostel fees. It was just two weeks before joining the University, due to an unfortunate event, I fell from a running train and had received severe injuries on my spine. Doctor told, it was multiple disc prolapses in the entire lumbar spine region, and that they were compressing my nervous system, and without surgery, I wouldn’t be able to walk in few months or years. But I didn’t undergo surgery for two reasons,

1) With the surgery, I had to be on complete bed rest for a minimum of 6 months to one year. I couldn’t afford that time being bedridden as I had to take up the course, get a good job to take care of my parents as soon as possible. The more I delayed, the more my mother would suffer in her life.

2) There was no money, not only to undergo surgery but even to take physiotherapy courses. Yes, I was a cursed son of a cursed mother!

Hence I decided to join MCA despite doctor’s advice. But within few months, my injury got worse. It all started with numbness in my foreleg, which spread across my thighs, then beneath hip and finally beneath my neck I couldn’t feel anything. At my fifth semester, I became a piece of wood with no sense, but only pricking pain and burning sensation in my lumbar spine. I couldn’t walk, stand or sit for more than 5 minutes. My body turned into “T” shape. Those who didn’t know my health conditions in the university and hostel teased me and humiliated me. During my entire three years of my course, I neither visited my hometown nor let my mom visit me as I didn’t want my mom to see me like a half bent, immovable wreckage!!! After all, she was the one who taught me to walk, and she couldn’t bear to see me like that!

I cried, I screamed, I begged for god’s help, but he showed me no mercy and let me rot in painful hell every day. Just to explain the severity of my injury, during my final semester, it would take around 20 to 30 minutes for me just to get up from the bed and stand on my feet. My whole body would shiver when I tried to stand on my feet from bed after sleep! With the inner motivation driven by my mom’s thoughts, I completed my three years course with a first class distinction (87%). Luckily, I was able to attend campus the following week and got selected with a very first shot in a very prestigious company. There were no words to explain my joy. I called my mom and cried in happiness. I told her “You are going to live your life, Mom!”

But, you know what, I always had this one on one race with my fate, and it would always try to beat me whenever I was about to taste success. A week later I came to my hometown, and my sickness reached its threshold, and I was bed ridden, but this time a total shutdown! My body didn’t listen to my mind, and my willpower was tested to the core and repeatedly humiliated by my spine injury. I became a loser suddenly and an immovable zombie.

Oh, god! I received the offer letter from the company which recruited me during the campus interview. My last chance of survival was at my hand, yet I couldn’t pick it up! I lost faith in myself. I lost hope in my future, and I felt SORRY for my mom, whom I couldn’t return anything other than pain and sorrows!

One day, one of my UG friends came home to meet me after three years. How long could i suppress the untold pain and try to bury it within myself? I broke down like a shattered glass!

He didn’t say much that day, but from next day onwards he started his mission to help me to stand on my feet again. He contacted his friends, friends of friends, relatives of friends, strangers, social activists, NGOs, doctors and explained my situation to everyone. Finally, a famous spine surgeon from a famous hospital offered to operate me at free of cost, but wait.. did you hear me saying famous hospital? Yes, you are correct, though the doctor offered a helping hand, the hospital didn’t. They delivered us a pre-estimate of 5 lakhs and 35 thousand for hospitalization, surgical theater, medicines, staff nurses, etc. But again, my friend reached out to some gracious people and was able to collect around 1 lakh and 55 thousand rupees for my surgery.

Meanwhile, I got a second letter from the company asking me to confirm my joining date. Though I wanted to, I couldn’t. I explained all the ongoing situation to that company’s HR. She was kind enough to postpone my joining date after three months.

And now, the doctor asked me to get admitted within a week for surgery, and there was a shortage of 3 lakhs and 80 thousand rupees. “Hmmm. That’s never going to happen” I thought.

It was two days before the surgery. I got a phone call from an unknown number. It was a male voice, and the man asked my name. From his voice, I guessed he could be in his mid-40s. He then asked, “When is your surgery scheduled”. I told him, “In a couple of days.”

He then asked, “Have you got all the money you need for the operation. I said after a noticeable pause and dried up voice “ No sir. I am still in need of 3 lakhs and 80 thousand rupees”.

“Ok, can you text me your account details,” he said.

I texted him.

The next day ‘I got a message from my bank saying “An amount of 4 lakhs have deposited into your account.”

Ten minutes after that, I got a text from that same number “Hope, you can walk now :)”

I burst out then and there and fell from my bed and crawled like a baby to my mom and hugged her and cried! I couldn’t control myself for next ten minutes. I told her everything that happened.

Later, I texted him saying thank you and asked for his name, and got this reply from him.

“I know you will get well soon and go to the job you wished. One day, you will earn enough to help yourself and others. When that time comes, don’t say no to those who are in need! I would be more than happy to see you as a man with humanity! And for the time being let that “Humanity” be my name! Take care! God bless!”

I haven’t heard from him then. I got admitted and had undergone the 8 hours major surgery successfully. After four months of active physiotherapy, I was able to walk again. Then I sent an email and explained the situation to company’s HR again. She asked me to join in next batch of freshers and sent me a new offer letter.

It’s been eight years now. I brought my parents with me and made them live with me. I got married and have a 1-year-old daughter 🙂 Three months back I was promoted to a manager post. My life has turned upside down!

And I can thank my mom, my friend, my doctor and my HR. But still waiting for the moment to meet that unknown angel who gave me my life back! I tried reaching his number post surgery, but it got deactivated.

Sir, If you are reading this from somewhere, I hope I am paying back to you by being helpful as much as possible to others! Hope to see you one day, my living example of HUMANITY!!! Until then, let me carry your legacy by being anonymous!!!

With Love & Peace,

Anonymous Humanity (Answer by Anonymous)

What’s the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?

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