This happened not to me, but to my oldest daughter, so I asked her to write it down:

A few weeks ago, my family and I were at a Shopping Center. We had just finished having lunch, when I excused myself to go to the toilet. It was supposed to be a quick visit to the Ladies’ Room, but when I came back, I was dying of laughter.

As it turns out, when I was in one of the stalls, the lady from the stall next to me was saying something. At first, I didn’t realize what she was saying or who she was saying it to, but eventually, I heard her say, “No tissue! No tissue!” with an accent. She seemed like she was really panicking, so I asked her if she ran out of toilet paper. Thankfully, she understood me and said, “Yes! Yes!”

I passed her some paper, and got out of the toilet stall to wash my hands. The lady got out, too. She kept thanking me over and over, until I finished washing my hands, said “You’re welcome, Ma’am,” once again, and tried to leave. The lady stopped me outside the toilets again, and kept saying ‘Thank you’ a few more times, before saying some things that I couldn’t understand. I simply smiled at her and agreed quietly. She then went into her shopping cart and grabbed a plastic bag.

The lady grabbed a sandwich, a veggie burger, some hot-hog bread, and some hamburger bread, then gave me them. I could barely hold them without dropping them, and I tried to ask the lady to take them back politely, but the lady seemed so happy and so determined to give me the food, that I complied.

Some people were staring at me and my newly-acquired food as I walked back to my family and our table, but I didn’t care. The lady treated me like I had just saved her life, and I was feeling like a hero. (That, and the food looked good)

Once I got back to our table, my parents were staring at me weirdly, and really, their reactions could be justified. Their daughter had simply intended to go and do her business for a minute or two, yet she came back with enough food to last for an entire day, maybe two. When they asked me to explain everything, I simply burst out laughing at the bizarreness of the situation before I could make up a single word. I kept laughing for a while, before I finally got around to explaining it. Then they started laughing, too. A few moments later, and someone came up to us.

It was the lady again.

She thanked me again, then proceeded to explain that she had just moved to our country and that her English wasn’t very good. She also said that she had been in that toilet stall for a long time, and despite her calling out to people, no one gave her toilet paper. She thanked me again, gave me a plastic bag to put all the food in, and left.

We stayed at our table, talking, for a while, until I finally decided to put all the food in the bag. Only then did I realize that the lady had left even MORE food in the bag.

Best thing that’s happened to me for being nice so far. I got free food.

This is her with her bounty

Edit 1: Big thanks for all the amazing support ! 🙂

Answer by Tiberio Martinez:

What is the best thing that ever happened to you for being nice?


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