I want to explore the Dark net. What should I know first?

Answer by Omotosho Kayode:

There are two things you should worry about :

Downloading stuffs. Whatever it may be. A picture, software, ebook, anything you download down there has  a high chance of being infected.

I can guarantee you that your chances of downloading a Trojan in the deep web is 8/10.

You know what Trojans do right?

They provide an entry point for their author to transfer files in/out of your system.Your chances of joining a Botnet is  very high in this case.

Once you join  a botnet, your physical location becomes traceable to both the attacker and the FBI. I assume you don't want to serve another person's time in prison should an attacker decide  to manipulate traffic to appear as if they coming from your PC.

Identity theft: the deep web is not a place where you should fill login info or credit card details with your real name, address and phone number. Once you submit your personal details, be prepared for the unknown.

Your bank account could be hacked via social engineering, your identity could be used to perform a cyber crime to name a few of the several bad things that could go down.

The deep web is not for people that are lax with security.

Be careful while navigating.

Happy Surfing!

I want to explore the Dark net. What should I know first?


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