What is the kindest thing someone has done for you?

Answer by Kyle Thomas:

I was at work, during an indescribably horrible week. I felt hopeless, pointless, worthless. I was worried about debt, loosing my house, failing my wife and daughters. I felt like nothing mattered and it was pointless to keep trying as I would surely just fail again. Suicide doesn't seem to be something within my capacity, but I wanted to just roll over and stop trying, ever again.

Then the most influential act from another human being occurred. I was working a bank drive-up with four lanes, so they customers really couldn't see me, and they had no reason to really care about me as a person any more than anyone else. After a normal interaction with a customer, she says to me “my daughter has something for you.” I didnt know what she was talking about, so I pulled my signature smile and nod tactic and went on working. After a few moments the tube dropped on my end, and inside I found this:

One of these ice cream cones, individually wrapped.

Apparently they had just gone to the grocery store, and this seven or eight year old girl thought that I, someone with no reason to matter in her world, should have one too. That was one of the most difficult weeks in my entire life, and that was the just what I needed to make it through.

To date, no one has ever topped the pure, sincere, utter kindness of that little girl. It is the most touching act I have ever received from another human, and was given humbly and innocently, for no other reason than she wanted me to share in the joy she received from ice cream.

What is the kindest thing someone has done for you?


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