What is the deadliest thing ever?

Answer by Ida Mohr:

Lack of empathy in humans.

If we split people up in four groups according to the “size” of their brain and heart (this is of course a metaphorical description), the most deadliest combinations in humans are these:

  1. big brain/small heart


  2. small brain/small heart

The “brain” represents intelligence, rational thinking, cynicism, analytical thinking etc.

The “heart” represents emotions, empathy, idealism, dreams, optimism etc.

It should not be hard for you to think about someone with a big brain and a small heart. Look at our world. They’re everywhere. They are often leaders of some kind (not religious leaders of a positive movement) – think fascists, think dictators, think big company bosses, think Hitler, think Donald Trump.

Why are they so dangerous? Because their brain with the lack of heart makes them think up ideas to gain power, wealth, fame, control, and makes them indifferent to how they get it. Their heart is not there to balance out the rational thoughts and thus their beings become cynical and unempathetic – careless.
The big brain/big heart combination is found in the people who really change the world for the better, the people who want to make a difference for other people and in the world. Without a big heart to balance out a big brain one has the potential to really do damage to the world if the brain runs wild on ideas and they end up carrying them out.

But usually, the big brain/small heart people can’t do that much damage without a small brain/small heart herd to follow them, and this is why these kind of people can be very dangerous as well if they are of a certain number (and too often they are of a great number). They are probably not the people to think up gruesome plans of destruction, but if they are manipulated by the aforementioned people and receive the instructions, they will in most cases blindly follow the masses because they dont have the brains to realise whats going on or to reflect upon other possibilities of action or the hearts to care.

Humans are deadly. They start wars and they go into them, they drop bombs and they kill innocent people, they trick and cheat and they take advantage of other people, they turn against each other and spread false beliefs about others, they scapegoat other people and they feel a lack of empathy and remorse. They kill. They kill a lot.

Humans are a dangerous species, and they worse than wild animals. Animals kill because they need to to feed themselves – it is a primal instinct to them. We kill animals for pure enjoyment (we dont need meat in our diets and we have an incredible amount of other options available) and we kill other humans for power, control, and other cruel reasons. All the while we believe that what separates us from animals is our empathy and capability to discern right from wrong. What a fucked up species we are.

What is the deadliest thing ever?


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