Why is Trump's campaign slipping?

Answer by David Stewart:

Rookie mistakes. The campaign is making some very basic errors.

The most recent example? Two hours before I wrote this on August 23rd, Trump tweeted this.

The @WashingtonPost quickly put together a hit job book on me- comprised of copies of some of their inaccurate stories. Don't buy, boring!

The Washington Post is doing a special expose on Trump which is apparently negative and paints him in a bad light. And instead of ignoring it, Trump just gave them a massive publicity boost by tweeting about it in advance. That’s just a basic error.

In recent weeks Trump picked a fight with the parents of a dead servicemen. The speech at the DNC was damaging to the campaign but came during a lot of other activity so would have been ignored by most viewers. By picking a fight with the Khans, trump made the speech the main political story for an entire week and gave the story a massive amount of oxygen.

At his own convention, Trump let his wife go onstage and deliver a speech which was partly plagarised from the First Lady’s earlier speech. And then when it was discovered the campaign spent three days dithering with their response and giving conflicting messages so the story kept running when it should have died out after 24 hours.

Trump’s main spokesperson Katrina Pearson constantly appears on TV making headlines herself. Instead of clarifying his position and presenting him as a viable candidate, she makes basic factual errors and comes across looking like an amateur who doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Her contribution to the Khan situation was to blame Obama and Clinton for his death, even though neither were in power when it occured in 2004. She later had to retract the comment and apologise.

When your candidate is a controversial and divisive figure with a lot of damaging baggage, you have to make sure you get the basics of political campaigning correct. The Trump camp hasn’t maanged to pull this off at all. And their campaign is slipping as a result.

Why is Trump's campaign slipping?


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