What is the best thing that ever happened to you for being nice?

Answer by Farah Ilmie:

it was several years ago.

I was flying from the states to the Middle East for Job interview, my connecting flight was little late and when I arrived at the gate the boarding has already started, first class passengers already entered, now the economy class were boarding, after I got to my first class seat, an old man is sitting on my seat already, I showed the seat number to the gentleman on my seat, he couldn't understand and he just looked away, then I turned to the hostess, she told yeah I saw he is not in his seat, I'm waiting two male hostess to come and carry him to his seat in economy class, then I looked closer and realized that the gentleman on my seat had medical issues and old and couldn't walk without help.

I told her her never mind, just give me his seat in economy class and I will take it.

Then I went to economy class.

An hour later when the seat belts where turned off, I saw the hostess point a figure at me while talking a man. Then the man came to me and said

The man: what you did right there was really a great thing.

Me: who are you ?

The man: I'm sitting right next to the elderly man that you gave up your seat for

Me: I said oh It is not a big deal,

The man: the old man on your seat have no idea what you did for him, he doesn't know anyone gave up the seat for him and paid a lot for that.

Me: not a big deal, ( I was eager to get back to inflight entertainment )

The man: here is my business card, (he wrote his home phone at the back).

Me: thanks

The interview I traveled for that long didn't work out, I googled the business card he gave me while I was in my hotel room waiting for a flight back home and realized they do the same work as the company I was originally interviewing for.

I gave him a call in the morning and I said I want to meet him, I met in his office, after coffee, and greetings, I broke the news,

Me: I need a job, I know what you guys do and I can contribute to it.

The man: you are hired, you start first of May.

The shortest interview I have ever been to or anyone I know.

That man became my mentor rest of my life, I don't work for him anymore but we are still close.

He made me stronger person and I appreciate him. I gave up a first class seat and gained a first class mentor.

What is the best thing that ever happened to you for being nice?


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