Why do some people call Donald Trump a liar?

Answer by Kevin Flint:

Normally I love statistics and data. I'm never afraid to pack my answers with numbers.

But in this case, I'm going with my anecdotal experience. Others have already linked enough numbers.

Why do I think Trump is a liar? My father is one of the most honest and honorable men I have ever encountered. A 28 year Navy Captain, charitable giver, coacher of every soccer and Little League team. We often disagree on politics, but I cannot fault his integrity. I watched my entire life as he gave without asking in return. Honest to a fault. And trust me, it has cost him. He's like Ned Stark really (except he still has his head.)

Donald Trump lied to my father. My father got in a real estate deal with Donald Trump. And Donald Trump broke every promise he could. And Donald Trump somehow walked away with all his money, and my father lost his investment.

Well, my dad may be honest, but he also doesn't back down easy. So he fought back. He gathered with a few others who Trump had also deceived in the deal, and they sued. Trump denied everything. Trump attempted to make the suit very difficult. But my dad didn't back down. And when it became clear my dad would unflinchingly ride it all the way, Trump caved. Because he knew his lies would not hold up in court.

Well, that brings forth yet another Trump lie. Remember when Trump said he "never settled" when sued? Yep, another lie. Because he settled.

Dad on the John Oliver Show. Lookin' good pops!

Why do some people call Donald Trump a liar?


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