What is the best airline food you have eaten?

Answer by Ben A. Wise:

As I boarded the Air-India plane a gorgeous flight attendant—her long-lashed eyes and bunned-hair of the same darkened lustre—joined her palms across her chest, closed her eyes, canted her head and bowed ever-so-slightly. “Namaste,” she said, meaning, “I salute you with reverence.” What a wonderful way to greet someone!

The plane sped down the runway and took flight, and I watched from the window as the lights of the city below grew smaller and smaller, until they were like distant galaxies.

The service trolley trundled down the aisle and a stewardess asked me if I would like some food. Ordinarily, I avoid eating during flights, preferring to wait until I arrive at my destination and am able to sit down someplace that is not hurtling through the atmosphere at 900 km/h. But as the words “no thank you” formed on my lips the aroma of zeera-besprinckled (cumin seeds) basmati rice and a ghee-infused curry reached my nostrils and seized my faculties, commanding me to smile back to the lingering stewardess and say, “Yes please!”

Foil peeled back, fork wielded, I bit in. The combination of flavours—sweet and pungent and spicy and sour—scintillated my palate. I was smitten. And this was only one dish—and airplane food at that—of one cuisine. Of the many cuisines in India I would be sampling in the course of my travels. “What maverick discovered that if all of these flavours are combined food becomes so excellent, ecstatic, electric? What yogic powers were harnessed to unveil such delectability?” I thought to myself. I wanted to grab the passenger sitting next to me by the shoulders, shake her, and say, “Are you having this?! And we haven’t even arrived yet!”

Image from Google Images for illustration. There was nothing fancy about the meal or its presentation—it was simply delicious…

What is the best airline food you have eaten?


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