What are the most 'future friendly' web application frameworks to select?

Answer by Tobias Orterer:

i agree with some of the other answers.
node.js, backbone.js and mongodb will be huge.
just look into mongodb a bit and take a look into node.js and its express framework as well. together with mongodb you can build web apps so much faster its scary. together with socket.io (http://socket.io/) )real time web applications are so easy to build.
just check out https://github.com/datapimp/backbone-express-mongoose-socketio

i have the feeling that sproutcore could get very popular too.(http://www.sproutcore.com/)

old but not very known is redis as permanent key value storage that supports lists and queues with an insane read/write rate. (http://redis.io)

i think phonegap will get big as soon as people finally realize that you can build real mobile apps for every platform (iOS, BlackBerry, Android, etc.) with HTML and Javascript. (http://www.phonegap.com/)

also on my watchlist:
http://www.slimframework.com/ (very awesome fat free php "framework")
http://www.vertica.com/ (used by zynga)
https://github.com/mrdoob/three.js/ (javascript 3d engine)
http://rocketpack.fi/engine/ (html5 game engine)
http://hakim.se/experiments/ (html5 experiments that blow your mind)

… also lighttpd v2 is on its way! (http://redmine.lighttpd.net/projects/lighttpd2)

What are the most 'future friendly' web application frameworks to select?


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