Answer by Tham Wai Keong:

Steve Jobs made a big mistake when he listened to Dean Ornish.
A high carbohydrate, low fat diet is suicidal when you have cancer.
He might still be alive now had he gone on one of these diets :
Atkins/modified Atkins
Paleo or Michael Eades's Protein Power
'' Instead of following a low-carb diet, Mr. Jobs trusted his health to the
Dean Ornish, high-carb, low-fat, macrobiotic, pseudo-vegan diet. I’ve
already discussed why this diet was terrible for treating cancer, but some
of the readers were unconvinced. ''
Ketogenic diets fight cancer, especially brain, but are hard to follow.
Thus, replace the fats with proteins.
From what these researchers found out, the ideal anticancer
diet for him would have been:
Carbohydrates – 10 to 15 percent
Proteins – 60 to 65 percent
Fats – 25 percent
You have to register to read Medscape articles.
'' Even worse, high carbs put stress on the pancreas, which cranks out all the insulin you need to absorb those carbs. Steve Jobs had pancreatic cancer. ''

Did Steve Job's all-fruit diet contribute to his cancer?


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