Answer by Dushka Zapata:

This is an interaction I (really) witnessed on a hot, crowded bus in San Francisco.

Two grungy men get on the (27) bus and sit across from me. One has a small battered suitcase.

"Here is what we'll do today" one of them says to the other. "We will get off the bus. We will find a watering hole. We will get a big, cold beer."

He opens a smidgen of the suitcase.

"And we will color".

He reveals dozens of coloring books.

"You will color inside the lines" he instructs. "I will color outside the lines, and by end of the day we will see how each of us is feeling."

He pulls out two packages of crayons from his jacket pocket. He hands one over.

"This is yours. It's new. All I did was throw out the pink one. I don't believe in pink."

Getting to overhear conversations like this one are the reason I don't drive to work.

What is a true personal story that people have a hard time believing?


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