Answer by Fahad Al-Ayoub:

My grandmother makes her own version of an Indian dish called Baryani. Personally I don't like Indian Baryani because it has way too many spices. My grandmother on the other hand, makes Baryani that's just…heaven.

The meat is as tender as butter, it's extremely flavorful, the rice is soft and absorbs the flavor of everything around it, the eggs are perfectly boiled, the potatoes are absolutely delicious, and the hot green curry she makes goes fantastically well with it.

It's a very difficult dish to get right, so she only makes it for me a few times a year.

The juicy meat is buried inside the rice. The top of the rice is called hakook (to scratch, because you "scratch" it off) because it's the slightly burned rice that's on the bottom of the pan that's the most flavorful as it absorbs all the juices that come falling down and has the taste burnt right into it. It's everyone's favorite!

What is the best food you have eaten?


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