Answer by Carl Grant:

I was representing the USA in an international table tennis (ping pong) tournament in Osaka, Japan. The night before I wandered over to the tournament site to check it out.  When there I noticed a guy wearing a Chinese team jacket. They were and still are the best in the world.  Being somewhat cocky, I went over and asked him if he would like to hit some.  He did and we eventually played a best-of-three match. I was playing well and managed to eke out a win.

Back with my teammates I modestly mentioned that I had beaten a Chinese player.  To my astonishment some skepticism was expressed.  Being fed up, the next day I suggested to the most skeptical teammate that we stroll over to where the Chinese team was camped out.  I didn't see the player from last night, so I started talking to one of the other Chinese players. Finally I casually mentioned that I had won a match with one of his teammates.  "Which one?" he asked.

"Well I… Oh there he is, walking over."

"Ah yes", he said, "That's Mr. Chen. He's our cook."

What is a true personal story that people have a hard time believing?


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