Answer by David Paul:

The best example of brand and one of the famous company which have changed their logo over 100 centuries is "GOOGLE".

The Story Behind Google Logo History & its Evolution

: [From 1997 -2015]


In 1997, Google logo beginnings were just started from Stanford University. The Google logo has been designed probably laying low – Extremely low!

Then more refined iteration came from Sergey Brin in 1998. They has taken help from open source image editing suite GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program).

In 1999, Google decided to do a little color juggling, in addition to taking a page out of Yahoo’s book in the form of that damnable exclamation point – which was mercifully short-lived.

In 1999, Google finally hired great designer “Ruth Kedar” to help them craft a logo to match. This first attempt used Adobe Garamond, with the colored mark in the middle meant to symbolize an infinite connection. According to Kedar, Brin and Page Larry liked this google logo concept because it looked a bit like a ‘’Chinese finger trap’’.


Then, the final production had been started to take the shape for Google (logo). This above Google logo was done in Catull – which would ultimately become the Google font we’ve come to know and love. This version was a bit too busy for Sergey and Brin. According to Ruth Kedar – They liked the magnifying glass and the cross hairs, but not all at once.

In another iteration, Kedar axed both the cross hairs and the see-through magnifying glass, opting for a playful smile instead.

But again Kedar to go even simpler yet. She brought in drop shadow to add some dimensionality to the design, making the logo appear to float over the all – white layout the founders knew they wanted.

Finally In 2010, Kedar landed on the deceptively simpler winner. Catull used the serifed font by keeping the readability and professionalism.
Kedar Said –
There were a lot of different color iterations. We ended up with the primary colors, but instead of having the pattern go in order, we put a secondary color on the L, which brought back the idea that Google doesn’t follow the rules….
The texture and shading of each letter is done in the way resulting in lifting it from the page while giving it both weight and lightness. It is solid but there is also an ethereal quality to it.

This above Google logo saw with brighter colors and subtle shadow reduction.

In 2015, Google launches a brand new logo. Google new logo is easier to read at smaller sizes.


The Concept behind of How New logo is of 305 Bytes, when its old logo was 14,000 bytes. – See Below:

The entire logo consists of:
1) 10 circles (2 each for the capital G and lower case g, 2 for each O, and 2 for the e)
2) 5 rectangles (2 for the capital G, 1 for the lower case l, 2 for the e)
3) 1 shape made with 7 anchor points (the descender on the lower-case g)

[Original Sources: A Collective Guide on Famous Company Logos with their Hidden Meanings
The Evolution of Google's Iconic Logo]

Which are some examples of companies that have changed their logos, once or multiple times?


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