Answer by Jack Knight:

Why the heck not? Having a hidden message inside your company logo is fun and a bit exciting. Here's a couple of reasons why a company would have a hidden message in their logo…

  1. A businesses logo might be seen by a lot of people, and if they're a big business like FedEx, Amazon, Baskin Robbins then they're seen by people worldwide. Their logos become familiar and a lot of the time people just take them at face value, so it can be like a new lease of life for the business when suddenly a customer looks at the logo and says "Oh my gosh, there's a (whatever) hidden in the logo!" Then they might want to draw their friend's attention to the logo too so they can see the new discovery, maybe they'll share it on the internet. The logo gets more attention and by extension, the business. It's a win win.

    Amazon delivers everything  from A to Z and gives a little smile along the way.

    The FedEx arrow in the negative space between the E and the X. That's the shape you're going to get when you put a capital E next to an X like that – I reckon the designers were over the moon when they realised.

    Baskin Robbins sell 31 flavours…

  2. Another reason for a hidden logo might also be because the company wants a to pay tribute to something important to them without making a big deal out of it. Maybe it's something that has nothing to do with the goods or services they provide, but it means something to the people who founded the business. That little symbol will be sitting in their logo like a secret wink, just for them. Some people down the line might notice it and wonder what it's got to do with the company, but as long as it doesn't actually detract from the brand, it can be a fun "easter egg" to discover. Toblerone is a good example of this.

Nothing says pyramids of chocolate like a bear hiding in a mountain…

3. Finally – a bonus reason. There might be a hidden message in a logo that no body knew about. The designers didn't see it and neither did the company officials that signed off on the project. It wasn't until the logo got rolled out to the rest of the world that the public said, "hang on a minute!" And one of the all time infamous logos that fit that criteria is the one for Sunrise sushi. It's the poster logo for bad logos everywhere.

Why do so many logos include hidden messages in them when most people don't notice them?


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