Answer by Faisal Khan:

Build Value.

Whatever you may do online, be it running a blog, running a forum, selling software, providing services, etc. you must build a value for your product &/or service, for others to be able to find it worthy to spend money on it, either directly (purchase) or indirectly (viewership, reading, advertising, etc.).

Visitors will come when they see a value of visiting your blog. There are 1000s of blogs on cooking, but a few 100 just stand out from the crowd. Reason being, they have content that is considered of value, both by the recurring visitors and search engines alike.

Value saves time. Value is tilting the choice in your favor. Value is natural extension of a user/reader when they seek a product/service out and opt for yours. Value is comfort level. Value is convenience. Value is quality.

Most people who venture out into blogging, expect to make a killing in a few months time.

This just does not represent reality.

For good/decent blogs to make substantial revenue to be able to support oneself, in my opinion 1-2 years of solid effort needs to go into it (for most cases). There might be exceptions, but a vast majority of bloggers are stuck in this gear.

The most difficult aspects for a blogger (since you cited blogging) are the following three points in my opinion (there are literally 100s of factors if one were to look at it acutely):

  • Value Proposition: Value and uniqueness of the content. Most of the content is spun, re-spun, rephrased, paraphrased, etc. from various news sources or sources of original journalistic work. Herein lies the problem. If you are going to write an article in your own words, which is already plenty available in various newsfeeds, where is your value proposition? What is so very different about your content that it should have a Dollar value attached to it? This is the most difficult factor to narrow in on. Your value proposition of your blog. Your focus needs to be very sharp.
  • Repetitive Nature: Day-in and Day-out, you are expected to churn out valuable content for your blog. This is not an easy task. Procrastination sets in. Stagnation sets in.  Boredom sets in. Monotonous tone sets in. Long before you know it… your blog lost its charm. It is a very serious commitment in having a running, successful blog.
  • Recurring Visitors: You will eventually get traffic. Slowly, but surely, the numbers will rise. What will bring more credibility to your blog is recurring visitors. Keeping your readers informed and interested enough to have them revisit you again, requires a lot at your end. It is by no means an easy task. I read an article on your website, so what? What can you do you entice me to revisit it back again. This is again where your value proposition is translated to the type of content you put out on your blog. As you keep gaining more and more return visitors, you start building loyalty and unknowingly for many, a brand. Word gets out on your site, these loyal readers will willingly be promoting your website and its traffic. If you can manage to have recurring visitors, you are on the right avenue.

In summary, it is very much possible to make a good (decent) income from blogging. Just as the same would require you to work 40 hours per week (not counting your commute time), the same is required for blogging, from a commitment point of view.

How can I get a considerable income by working online?


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