Answer by Howie Reith:


I know that may be a strange answer, and by no means am I suggesting that flossing is somehow the greatest habit. There are definitely some I have that are better for me, at the very least weight lifting.

I answer with "flossing" because it was my first consciously chosen habit I adopted without any interest whatsoever in what other people thought of it. Up until that moment in my life, everything I did was designed to get approval from other people – my singing, my exercise, my studies. I had good habits to be sure, but they were all because I thought other people would like me better if I did them.

I knew no one would care if I flossed, but I knew it was good for me, so one day I promised myself that for one month I would floss every morning and tell no one about it. I did it for Howie and only Howie. That habit set in motion a fundamental change in my self-esteem that would lead to more and more good habits. If I could floss for me, what else could I do just for me? It was hard to believe I was worthless and only good the degree to which I pleased others when every morning I secretly flossed my teeth.

So yeah. Flossing. It changed my life.

Thanks for the a2a Gokul.

Which of the habits that you've adopted has done the most to improve your life?


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