Answer by Shalvi Srivastava:

I am an extrovert. A chatterbox. But this is not about me!!
This is about a close friend, who unlike me, is an introvert.

Few months back he was visiting my city and I met him. We went to the same places, ate the same food at the same places, watched the same movie, met similar people.

As a teen he had the habit of writing a diary. I somehow suggested that he writes how these days were for him and surprisingly he agreed. I was expecting a boring journal as a result, but what I got left me startled.

I was so surprised! We had witnessed the same scenarios but he saw them so differently and so beautifully. I could have never thought of something in a way he could. I felt somewhat shallow because what was just a series of routine events for me, he had the ability to see them as a wonderful story.

Maybe he missed out on talking to five extra people that I did, but most of his conversations were meaningful and he recalled them all in detail. He had 10 stories lesser to narrate, but the ones he participated and retained were the ones that he wanted to and the ones that meant something to him.

I had always been opinionated that introverts lose out a lot in life, but that day I realised that they don't have fewer experiences, they have different ones. They might not talk a lot to a lot of people, but that's mostly by choice. They are great observers and know about a lot about different things.

That was the day I understood that an introvert is not just another 'boring' friend of mine. That they are not deprived of experiences, they just have different ones. And that I had a lot to learn and share!

What does an introvert lose out on in his life?


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