Answer by Cliff Gilley:

Congratulations, you just qualified someone out of your pipeline. 

Seriously, anyone who actually says this has no conception of how business or business relationships actually work.  There is no counter, because the moment those words escape someone's mouth, you disqualify them and move on to someone who actually values what you're offering them.

Someone who asks you to give them something for nothing, on the promise of some nebulous future payment if it meets their satisfaction is not serious about making a business deal with you.  Period.

I know it's tempting to come back with a response, that every instinct in your sales brain is telling you that you can overcome the objection, and that you really want that SPIF.

But what they're telling you here isn't an objection — it's a no-buy signal.  Signals are not objections; they are indicators as to whether or not the person  you're talking to is actually interested in making a deal.  This person is not — they want something for nothing, and that's not a deal.

How do you counter this objection: "why don't you do it at your expense, for free, and if and after it works, we pay what you want"?


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