Answer by Sezgin Hergül:

I would suggest you try UsabilityTools.

By using UsabilityTools, you can benefit features from both suites which areConversion Suite and UX Suite. The tools which you can use are:

  • Find out more about the first impressions on your content by using Click Testing.
  • Create scenario-based Web Tests in minutes without knowing any HTML coding.
  • Build Surveys to engage the respondents and get solid data in real time.
  • Find out how particular pieces of information should be organized to make sense to your audience by using Card Sorting.
  • Understand how your visitors are viewing your website with Click Tracking,
  • Test and improve your web forms’ performance by using Form Tester,
  • Create and customize your own feedback form for your website, bring real-time insights from your customers with Feedback Form,
  • Use Visitor Recording to walk in your users’ shoes. Capture every mouse click and keystroke.

Disclaimer: I work at UsabilityTools.

What are cool analytics companies/startups?


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