Answer by Castor Pollux:

If you follow TED talks, you may know this guy:

He's Hugh Herr, who was a prodigy rock climber and among the best US rock climbers by the age of 17. In 1982, he was lost for 3 days in a blizzard in New Hampshire and was rescued later, but with severe frostbite. Both of his legs had to be amputated below the knees, which could be the end with most people.

The Comeback

He climbed again and even used his disadvantage to advance further. His self-designed prosthetic legs can be adjustable to change the length and helped him standing on small rock edges. Herr became the first elite climber with major amputation and reached even higher level then he used to be.

And it's just the starting point!

After that, he got MS in mechanical engineering at MIT and PhD in biophysics at Harvard. He's focused on making advanced leg prostheses and created the first robotic ankle-foot prosthesis, which was chosen by TIME as one of the best inventions in 2004. You can find a lot of information about him, as he was featured in Discovery Channel, National Geographic, CNN, and of course, his talk on TED is very much worth watching.

He is Superman and his life is the greatest bounce back I've known.

What has been the greatest bounce back in history?


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