Answer by Dhakshitha Rao:

Yes, you should. You should be a social person, and by social I don't mean going to parties and getting wasted; posting pictures non-stop on facebook; having flings; getting drunk and addicted to drugs.

By social I mean you should be able to
  ● Mingle with people around you
  ● Talk to strangers without anxiety attack
  ● Make friends who genuinely care for you
  ● Hold conversations and have interactions with people

When someone talks to you, you should talk back and give proper 'enthusiastic' response. When you see someone you know passing back, the least you can do is to smile at them.

It is these small gestures that make you social.

Being social doesn't mean you should have a large circle of friends, a common notion which is wrong. You can have only one or two friends and still be social.

It doesn't matter if you are a shy person or an introvert. Everyone can be social and if you aren't, you should start on being one.

The main drawback in stepping towards being social is to face 'rejection', and you have to realise and completely understand that just because you are being social-cordial-civil doesn't mean you should expect others to reciprocate with the same feeling.

You smile at them. They may not.
You talk to them. They may not.

It isn't that they are rejecting you, it is that they aren't used to being around you. It is a minor glitch and if you stop with the first try, it will stay that way.

The solution would be to keep talking, keep smiling, and keep interacting until they become accustomed to your presence.

It is not rejection, it is the lack of familiarity, and with that in mind, you will never back off.

For completion, also read my answer to: How can I overcome the phobia of talking to people?

Hope it helps.

I am not social. Should I be?


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