Answer by A Quora admin:

See this thing here?

​It's a sanitary liner. In other words, what many women use to catch blood when they have their periods.

Well. I had a friend who worked as a flight attendant and she got into a mild argument with a guy who insisted on having EVERYTHING that was free or complimentary on the flight. He was highly annoying and constantly asked crew for stuff. If he saw someone next to him get something, he wanted it too.

At one point during the flight a lady asked for a sanitary pad to help her with an 'emergency' situation. He insisted he should have one too – cos you know, it's free, right?

My friend tried to reason with him. I'm not sure if his English was 100%, because he insisted again and seemed to assume the pad was one of these…

A sleep mask.​
Upon receiving his sanitary pad he proceeded to peel the paper backing off and expose the sticky side; he stuck the thing over his eyes and soon afterwards fell asleep…


What are the weirdest things flight attendants have seen in their line of duty?


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