Answer by A Quora admin:

People lose their minds and all sense of reality when they step through the door of an aircraft.

I've had people wanting to know what altitude we are at before we have taken off.  I've seen people push their vomiting children through the business class curtains so they don't have to deal with the mess.  I've seen a woman put her baby in the hatrack "Excuse me madam…ummmm…". I've seen people handcuffed on the tarmac and brought on board kicking and screaming after being deported. I've seen Janet Jackson eating only caviar and stipulating no-one should pass on her side of the aircraft. I've seen Demi Moore request a pineapple to be carved on board. I've seen pilots wallpaper the cockpit with newspaper for the reaction of the cabin crew. I've seen a passenger sit with his feet on a vacuum cleaner for the duration of the flight because the cleaning staff forgot to remove it and he thought it was part of the furniture. I've conducted a headcount over Tripoli only to discover three passengers had not boarded the aircraft but their luggage was still onboard. I've seen people who have never used a working toilet before and have no idea how to use one (this never ends well…).  I've had the defib under the seat of a passenger I was sure was about to go into cardiac arrest.  I've had people ask if it's possible to open the window at 40,000ft. I've had people ask where the toilet is for US Passport holders. I've conducted an ECG on a passenger over the Indian Ocean. I've flown over the Himalayas with eight crew members jammed in the cockpit for the amazing view. I've had passengers smoking pipes in the cabin of what is (of course) a non-smoking flight….

What's the allowed word count here?  I could go on for days.

What are the weirdest things flight attendants have seen in their line of duty?


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