Answer by Rachit Shah:

Imagine you have 500,000 gold coins. You live your life to the fullest. You enjoy travel, food, outing with your family and other great stuff. You have a great time with your family and you treat everyone respectfully.
You buy a boat, you buy a nice house on the outskirts of your favorite city. Your kids go to a nice school and they enjoy spending gold coins with you too. Your day starts with reading newspaper and drinking tea/coffee. You enjoy your work, in the evening you teach your kids Maths and in the night you spend quality time reading/writing or talking to your wonderful wife/husband.
This happens till you spend almost 200,000 gold coins. You are still left with 300,000 coins to spend.

Until one day, you go out for shopping. You see a replicating machine, from a store, which is for free and it says that if you put your gold coins, it will double your gold coins. You can only put 24 gold coins each day.
You buy it!! Great deal!!

You start putting it. It doesn't work. You still put more it doesn't work.
You call up the customer care service, and complain about it. They say, you just have to keep putting your coins until it starts throwing new ones out.

You think to yourself, all you are spending is 24 gold coins/ day. There is no harm in that. You have a lot a gold coins left. You start putting in 24 gold coins everyday.
Its been a month-nothing!
3 months-nothing!
6 months-nothing!
You are starting to lose yourself over this. You go crazy, but your coins do not double. You have invested so much into the machine, you cannot go back. You have to make it work. You get dark circles, you lose your job. Your wife/husband is mad at you everyday. Your children are concerned. Your boat is up on auction. Your house is falling apart and requires maintenance.

Why am I telling you this story?
Those 500,000 gold coins are your 500,000 hours for your life of 60 years. That machine (some reason) has hurt you, played with your ego, insulted you and is making a fool out of you. You want to make it work or you want your gold coins back from the machine, but all that is happening is that you are losing your precious hours behind that reason (The machine).

Your hours are limited. If you don't let go of the machine, you are losing your precious hours that made your life. Be it easy or hard, you got to throw away that machine out of your life. Throwing away this machine is probably the best way out of it-for your peaceful mind, your life, your future and your family.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

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