Homeless man’s good deed pays off – 150%

Finally a true inspirational story: Ethan Whittington, a 27-year-old marketing firm employee from Virginia, set up an online fund to help a homeless man, Glen James, who had found a bag containing $42 000, and promptly handed it over to police. James' honesty was rewarded as countless readers responded with generous donations totaling $68 012…


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Business and Success Insights; interviewed by J.T. Foxx

Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger talking about about how he was a millionaire real estate investor and businessman before his movie career took off, with a special mention on how Nelson Mandela touched him at a personal level. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtRip8wNwJI&start=254

The Hardest One: In a macabre way, this is my coming out party

Still All Right


I have decided to live my truth. It has taken me two years, countless drafts and a large dose of courage to debut the hardest story I have ever had to write. In a macabre way, this is my coming out party.

I wear a scarlet letter. The letter is “R” and it stands for rape. Six years ago I became a statistic when, at the age of 20, I was given the badge to wear. As young adults we’re often told to beware the man in the alley, the faceless perpetrator who will take away innocence and destroy lives. Unfortunately for me it did not happen this way. I knew my criminal; I would have called him a friend. And so I felt no fear the night that he and a group of other friends were invited back to my college apartment for a late night movie after having…

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We All Like to Reblog

From the official WordPress blog.

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Have you ever come across a blog post that you enjoyed so much you wanted to easily share it with the readers of your own blog? Sure, you can copy and paste the link and perhaps even a snippet of text with your own comments, but overall it’s not a particularly enjoyable experience. We wanted to change this and make sharing other posts with your readers as easy as posting to your blog.

Today we’re introducing a new like and reblog feature enabled across the whole of WordPress.com. When you’re logged in to WordPress.com and viewing a post you’ll notice a new link in the admin bar at the top of the page. If you really enjoyed the post then you can click the “Like” link to signify this. This will then show the author how many readers liked the post.

You Like ThisOnce you’ve liked the post, the link will…

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Mozilla is hosting the Maker Party: Join

From June 15 to September 15, thousands of people around the world are meeting up, making cool stuff and teaching others at the 2013 Maker Party. Make something From coding your first line of HTML to building apps that change the world, Maker Party is your chance to connect with a global community of creators.…

The story of Obvious Adams

With thanks to marketing legend Jay Abraham who first sent me the story of Obvious Adams: Obvious Adams was first published as a short story in the Saturday Evening Post in April, 1916. Though it was the story of an advertising man, it was quickly recognized as presenting a germ idea basic to outstanding success in…