1. Convey just one idea in a sentence. You cannot make a complex argument in one sentence, so avoid the temptation.
  2. Use proper punctuation. The use of commas, in the right place, can help enormously.
  3. Abhor jargon. Avoid long words.
  4. Avoid the apostrophe – it is much abused in South Africa.
  5. Read what you have written, at least twice, and make corrections. There is always bound to be a mistake somewhere.

3 thoughts on “5 Important Tips for Writing Well

    1. In South Africa there is a tendency to abuse the apostrophe – usages such as ‘car’s’ instead of ‘cars’.

      1. It’s a bit silly to propose that we ban apostrophes because they’re often misused. Pretty much every punctuation mark is often misused, but we need them. In fact, the apostrophe is more essential than most: its function is semantically more critical than a piece of syntactic sugar like the comma.

        Also: apostrophe abuse is hardly a South African phenomenon. The little critters seem to confound people everywhere.

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