Accountability… or not!

I loved the following story, from Harvey Mackay's blog, it reminds us to be careful of people who make easy 'commitments': Several men are in a golf club locker room when a cell phone rings. A man answers the phone. "Yes, I'm finished with my game so I can talk. You're out shopping? And you…


5 Important Tips for Writing Well

Convey just one idea in a sentence. You cannot make a complex argument in one sentence, so avoid the temptation. Use proper punctuation. The use of commas, in the right place, can help enormously. Abhor jargon. Avoid long words. Avoid the apostrophe - it is much abused in South Africa. Read what you have written,…

Top ten countries by Internet Speed

Some surprises here perhaps? South Korea 34.80 Mbps Latvia 25.46 Mbps Lithuania 25.05 Mbps Republic of Moldova 22.59 Mbps Sweden 21.74 Mbps Romania 21.44 Mbps Netherlands 21.35 Mbps Portugal 18.72 Mbps Japan 17.96 Mbps Bulgaria 17.50 Mbps Source: NetIndex