Well… in one word, usability should inform your choice.

I have noticed that WordPress punches far above its height in the CMS arena, especially with corporate sites.  Usability was the reason I started using WordPress as a CMS,  the same reason I was hooked with Mambo, precursor to Joomla, and later the ground-breaking  Joomla 1.5 release.

There is something deeply satisfying when one finds a product that is designed to ease the end user experience, and not simply aimed at keeping developers happy (yes – that is a snide reference to Drupal). I like the fact that end users can get started on either of these two applications and drive them with human intuition, not their technical expertise.

Now, I know I there are those who think that WordPress is merely a blogging application. It is not.  In my opinion WordPress is now a mature online publishing platform with a lovely user interface and great typography. Very few web applications feature good typography.Its administration is the most user-friendly,by far, with built-in traffic statistics and spam filtering.

Sure, it was not designed for a content-heavy web portal with multiple nested categories. But that doesn’t mean it cannot do the job half-way decently. It serves admirably well for news and magazine sites, newsletters, elegant corporate presence and well, blogging.

Joomla, Drupal and smaller solutions such as TextPattern all have their niche, with Joomla of course,  being the giant player here, for obvious reasons. I love Joomla. I intend to touch on some of the more popular CMS applications in my blog in the (near) future.

This is the first of a series of posts that examine popular content posting and management applications, with the focus on usability.

As everyone with an iPhone knows, usability pretty much trumps everything else, in the human interface with technology.


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