Twitter is successful because it takes neither time nor much effort to post a tweet. It is based on an open-source API model allowing several different desktop and mobile clients to work with it. And then there is its facility to tweet via mobile texting.

The killer feature in Twitter, in my opinion, is the timeline. One can follow replies tagged with the original post and so forth. It is conversation-enabled, much like Google Wave, without the flab.

This got me thinking – why not use it for Project Management? Twitter allows you to approve followers. Post real-time updates. Get feature requests. Use #tags for clearly specified sub-topics. All you need is to use a facility like twittLoad for sending files when you need to! Make sure that your files are not deleted by the service provider after a certain period (if you need to retain history).  Alternatively, create short links to files that you host anywhere on the Net.

Anyone know of a project management tool that allows micro blogging?

Update: Turns out Twitter does have a time limit on storing tweets – but there are applications that can archive your tweets – see


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