Mark Shuttleworth on innovations in technology

The things that are most exciting are the ways in which computing is becoming wearable. It is becoming so tightly integrated into our daily lives. The computer isn’t just a work device any more. It’s an entertainment device, it’s a communication device, and it’s how we talk to our friends and our families. We spend…


Ben Travato on Marc Lottering

He not only tells jokes, he is a joke. And he has never been funnier than when he had too much to drink at a party in Sea Point and crashed into three parked cars. What a laugh that was! Then he shaved off his trademark Afro and looked like a peanut that had been…

Windows XP – Restarts upon Shutdown

I had this problem - my computer would restart automatically when I shut it down. I spent several hours disabling various hardware components - nothing worked until I changed a BIOS setting: Disable the Wake from PME option. To be on the safe side disable the Awaken from Modem ring option as well.