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Zille exudes a school-marmish vibe, and she probably does have a certain administrative efficiency perhaps – but is she a good leader? She put her foot in it with her all-male cabinet and has now compounded her dubious status amongst  gender activists by demonstrating what appear to be blatant double standards. She blasted Jacob Zuma for fathering an illegitimate child while defending Lennit Max, a sex scandal embroiled DA MEC.  In making an impassioned case justifying this poistion, she stated that “the entire edifice of our law is based on separating [allegations from fact]” (her words). Oops. That’s an argument that can be used against her own party’s stance in the Zuma affair.

She has now quite strongly undermined her position that Mr. Zuma is an unfit leader in the context of allegations of possible corruption against him, the operative word here being allegations.

She then cements this by continuing “Allegations may be true. But they may also be vexatious, frivolous, driven by hidden agendas or part of a smear campaign. That is why our law assumes that people are innocent until proven guilty.”

On a more frivolous note, Zille also commented that what two consenting adults do in their personal space is not her business. Perhaps she has made an exception for Zuma. Right. Right?


One thought on “Zille for Premier

  1. The funny thing is that the picture above is really of Hillary Clinton… whom I admire, but when you stick a broomstick underneath, it looks like Zille.

    Such is the shame of our inheritance.

    Nice site, by the way.

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