I look forward to the Mail & Guardian every Friday. It is a hugely informative and entertaining read.  I think it is one of the last standing bastions of journalism in the country, it was especially so under the brave and visionary editorship of  Ferial Haffajee.

However, I am disturbed by what appears to be a a blatantly biased opinion piece by one of their foremost reporters – Sam Sole.

Consider this article by Sam Sole – posted a few weeks before the general elections – entitled ‘The Nkandla Mafia is Coming‘ . The title and the content are, in my opinion, scare mongering of the worst kind.

Another issue of the MG carried a piece by him, this time entitled ‘Spooks haunt our democracy’ sadly bemoaning the intrusion of intelligence agncies into the affairs of the country (whatever that means). Of course, implicit in that argument is an assumption that South Africa has so far been a pristine model of nonpartisan democracy. Which, I’m afraid, is far from the case. Mr. Sole should know better.

He has himself been accused of working hand-in-glove with some of the more disruptive elements in our own state intelligence/investigation agencies . The M&G has also carried, with an editorial opinion piece defending the same, an article of dubious merit scripted by the famously discredited Ivor Powell, author of the notorious Browse Mole report – perhaps best called a one-time spook and some-time journalist.

I think the new editor Nic Dawes, his pretensions towards fine tastes and wines notwithstanding, means well. He appears to have all sorts of fires in his belly. I’m sure he wishes to prove himself in all sorts of ways.

I wish him well.


3 thoughts on “Spooking the Mail & Guardian

  1. Let me say this…

    JZ has yet to show that he can resist this payback thing.

    Its what crippled Mbeki.

    Sam Sole is about as close as you get to real journalism.

    Then again… perhaps time will prove you right.

  2. Sole may be a good journalist, but the last time I checked, being loudly opinionated hardly qualifies as the hallmark of good journalism.

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