I had a look at the K2 Content Construction component – I was intrigued because it claims to be a similar to Drupal’s CCK (Content Construction Kit), of which I had heard a lot.  I installed it and yes, it is very similar to Drupal – baffling interface and baffling documentation.

The lack of a usability perspective is obvous – as in Drupal.

I think the secret to Drupal’s die-hard group of fans it that they have invested so much into deciphering it that they cannot think of using anything else now. It is like a new car that promises fantastic features providing you understand how it is put together.

Get real, people –  technology is for ordinary folks and not for ‘code is poetry’ types.

On K2: Although initially confusing, not least because it has its own CSS layout which can appear independent of your template design – K2 appears to be a fantastic extension – check this video review out – it has bugs and is nowehere near maturity yet – but holds a lot of promise.

Try and install it without sample data – I found it easier to figure out without the data.


2 thoughts on “Content Construction in Joomla

  1. ! Nice site
    Keep posting, and mate thanks.
    there is nothing in the world I enjoy more than learning joomla. In fact, i’d rather be learning joomla now!

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