Many people appear to equate mistake cap-ex spend for  value, which, in my opinion, is an indication of lazy thinking.

I had the most unusual experience recently. The deputy director of a prominent gender equality organisation in South Africa called me up and remarked on my very carefully worked-out quotation for a fairly large web portal – and wait for this, she actually appeared to be offended that my quotation was so low!

The said lady was adamant that my quotation was way too low for such a prestigious web portal as hers, and that she wouldn’t look at anything under half-a-million rand (approx. $100 000) !

The pertinent question that arises is: for what? I made the quotation after careful analysis – I am the expert here and isn’t she supposed to be glad that her portal is not costing the earth?

Perhaps it is an attempt to make up for subconscious feelings of inadequacy, by throwing big money, much in the manner of a Big Man? Paternalistic behaviour, anyone? Small appendage syndrome?

Gobsmacked is the word! I suppose spending money is not that difficult when it is not yours. Donors beware!


One thought on “Is it all about the money, then?

  1. Uh..ha.. the funny thing that people never realise is that the rich, never talk money, and even more, seldom spend it.

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