It is critical that one selects a hosting service provider after a great deal of due diligence. Certain companies promising an ‘eat-all-you-can’ approach – offering the facility to host unlimited domains or unmetered bandwidth – should be avoided since these will almost certainly have hidden costs or clauses that severely limit your usage. A business model that promises unlimited usage for a flat fee is suspect at best.

Or they may not be around for long, which can leave you hanging with no access to your site or data!

I used to host a couple of my domains with – but I cancelled after my account was disabled twice – once on account of having installed a mailing list and once after being hacked.  I was the target of two hacker attacks while hosting with them – one of the most stressful periods in my professional life. Amazingly none of my sites hosted with multiple other service providers have been hacked (yet).

Hostmonster’s senior management is good, but the much vaunted 24/7 support service is not. In my experience;  some of the youngsters manning their Support have appalling attitudes. Also, they appear to be applying a rather disturbing tactic of raising their monthly fee by $1 every month cumulatively for each year you host with them, in effect penalising you for staying with them (see this)! I haven’t investigated this fully but from my preliminary efforts it would appear that in effect if you stay with them for 5 years, you end up paying $5 more per month than what they charge new clients.

On the positive side, they do have instant support via chat and their CEO, Matt Heaton appears to have the best intentions; he  maintains his own blog where you can contact him (yes, his email is listed) here.

I have had consistently had good results with Dayanahost though – now going to my eighth year of hosting with them.


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