I wonder if anyone else has noticed that Google has become quite slow of late, often crawling to an almost standstill. For the last few days, I have to wait for a minute or more for Google Analytics to load. The same applies to my Ad-sense account and even Google search. Am still waiting for Gears to load, after clicking on a link about five minutes ago …

Perhaps it is only users in South Africa that are affected. We were promised local data centres by Google’s country director Stafford Masie more than a year ago – wonder when they will come online.

Thankfully email appears not to be affected at this stage – I hope I am not speaking too soon. I have a number of clients that use the Google platform for their email.


6 thoughts on “Google Slow?

  1. You’re not alone. I’m in the US and I’m getting slowdowns…that’s how I came across this post, searching for “Google slow.” Unfortunately Gmail is also taking forever on my devices…might be just IMAP though as SMTP is still snappy.

  2. Indeed, slow slow slow. Google analytics, webmaster tools, even the search takes ages, if it works at all. I also noticed that when adwords is on a page, it takes me ages to load….

    should we all go to yahoo to protest??

  3. I hope not. I have too high a critical mass of applications running on Google ~shudder~ wonder how many others are in the same boat?

  4. Accessed from South Africa, Google has been hanging often for around the last month. Gmail, search, Analytics, etc. all are affected. Very irritating.

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